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Payments are for any extracurricular group activities we do as a community and any extra supplies or group projects needed for the year above our general offerings.

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This community has overwhelmingly blessed our family. All of our dreams have come true and flourished beyond our wildest hopes. We are so thankful to you and the love you share with us for the sake of Christ! - The Sullivan Family


While we have a few specific areas where we have reimbursements for special group projects or outside activities, we plan to remain an enrichment program with no tuition. 


We stand firm in our belief that authentic community is the heart of this ministry. We are fulfilling the calling the Lord placed on her heart by working together and sharing our gifts and talents. Prayerfully relying on the Lord for daily provision while trusting the Lord to give us the faith, vision, and resources so that He may be given all the glory and praise for future success!


"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights."  - James 1:17


We welcome you to donate any amount the Lord lays on your heart to support the growth and development of this living education ministry.


Donations will help with recurring monthly operating expenses, class and curriculum supplies, school and holiday events, and expanding our mission and vision.

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Thanks for your donation!

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