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We hope to expand our living education community in the future. For now, though, we want to take a pause and nurture the community the Lord has provided to us. During this time, we have decided to pour our energy into projects that will help sustain us and continue to grow our mission and vision into the future. 

One project we are focusing on is the growth of Oliver's Market Co. This gift and stationery company is an important piece of our ecosystem as a ministry and how we plan to support the growth and sustainability of our living education enrichment program, our yearly events, and the vision to grow into a physical location.


This location will be called The Olive Tree. A place where students and families can come to experience living education in a Gospel-Centered environment. Working together to spread the good news of Christ.

The vision of The Olive Tree bloomed through faith, hope, restoration, and healing. Through the transforming power of Christ Jesus. 

In loving memory of Oliver, we hope for this location to be a beacon of hope leading families to the light of Jesus in a dark world.


Olive Trees are mentioned throughout scripture. They are used symbolically for peace, prosperity, beauty, and the relationship between God and His people. The olive tree roots grow deep and surprisingly thrive in the desert. Thus, making the desert bloom!


We desire a place to join together in a life-giving biblical community in spite of our brokenness, suffering, and pain to experience God's creation outdoors, find our God-given gifts and talents, and use those to flourish and bloom as the hands and feet of Jesus.


We hope to have classes, events, a community food garden (that donates food to local shelters), a photography studio, and a retreat for young moms to gather, have coffee, and fellowship with their loved ones and friends, as well as a nature preserve and garden for our SWFL groups to gather for school.

If you feel called to ministry and have a gift or talent that you would like to share to help move the growth of this mission and vision forward, please visit our opportunities and complete an application. 



We would love to create the first SWFL Charlotte Mason homeschool group that focuses on running, biking, and skating as a family. Additionally, it would be great to have intermittent fitness classes sprinkled into our year to encourage families to get outside and get active while experiencing a life-giving community.



We are currently closed and not opening anymore branches in SWFL. If you are interested in starting a branch, if you fill out an application we will contact you when the opportunity arises.



We are hopeful of building an online community to reach and serve families all over the world. 

We need writers, blog managers, photographers, and Charlotte Mason homeschooling families desiring to share their lives with others to join us in enriching families' lives for the Gospel's sake.

We would love to host an ongoing online charlotte mason education book club, a living library, a lifestyle blog, and an enrichment channel for homeschooling families. The focus of this community is to encourage community, clean and sustainable living and health, entrepreneurship, and creativity. 



We need help to make this vision come true. Most of all, we need prayer, secondly donations, and third helping hands to build Oliver's Market Co.

There are countless ways you can lock arms with us to help support our mission. If you are interested in using your gifts and talents to help, please complete the application. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested, please complete the application below. Please realize we are a living education community homeschooling our children and pouring our hearts into our families and the Lord. Therefore we will not be able to contact you unless an opportunity arises. If you have specific questions that need immediate attention, please use our contact us to ask.

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